Does my sun sign have anything to do with mental health? Find answers!

We live in times when we have a lot of stress. Our zodiac sign (sun) plays an important role in responding to stressful situations. Some are concerned with patience and grace, while others can get stuck in negative energies.

In this article you will learn more about different sun signs and their reactions and reactions to stressful situations and how strong our mental strength is according to astrology.

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Does the sun sign affect a person’s reaction to psychological stress, the reaction to moments like a pandemic?

Yes, they do. Pisces are more emotional and sentimental than, for example, Sagittarius, so they struggle more with psychological stress and fear than the adventurous and impulsive Archer. At the same time, Pisces feel more comfortable at home during a lockdown than Sagittarius who feels trapped.

Similarly, when faced with stress, tauras tend to be a little subtle. They could withdraw into their personal space and avoid any social contact. And might prefer to indulge in small chores to relieve their stress.

Does a person’s sun sign have a clear impact on their food choices?

Vedic astrology is very specific about the correlation between the sun, moon and food choices of each sign.

Personally, I’ve found that food choices have more to do with the elements than with individual characters. Watermarks seem to like comfort foods and wine, fire signs seem to prefer meat and beer, air signs love carbohydrates, and earth signs love indulging in something that makes them feel good.

Foods to Avoid Depending on the Sun Sign? Please be specific with each one?

Sun sign food

  • Aries should avoid eating too much meat and drinking coffee
  • bull should avoid something too heavy and processed sugar
  • Twins should avoid alcohol, yeast, and lamb
  • cancer should avoid nightshade and salt
  • lion should avoid legumes and dairy products
  • Virgin should avoid carbohydrates in combination with fats
  • Libra should avoid eating too much animal protein
  • Scorpio Avoid smoking, red meat, and refined salt
  • Sagittarius Avoid spicy and oily foods
  • Capricorn should avoid complex carbohydrates and legumes
  • Aquarius Avoid too much coffee and high fat foods
  • fish should avoid lactose and cream and yeast

Can we shape our reactions with practice?

Yes, we absolutely can! It takes determination and willpower, but when an individual is motivated they can change their habits over time.

Mental health is an important aspect of your life.

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